Advice for Tiffany

1. Stand here; hold this sign; try not to get hit by a truck. $15/hour.
2. Why are you shaving your legs? Don’t shave your legs.
3. You should be trying to find a guy like Noah; that’s the type who will be rich
some day. Get in on the ground floor.
4. And then if this poetry gig doesn’t pay off, you can always fall back on your
education degree.
5. Nobody likes an angry woman, Tiffany. Nobody.
6. You’ll see, I’ll love you even more if you say yes to this.
7. You’re going to have to keep your opinion to yourself. Take it to the grave,
8. Steel your heart.
9. The trees dance in the high wind, tossing their leaves like glam rockers agitate
their brain tissue for some kind of sensory solace in a season of turbulence.
Hold still. Keep your neck straight. Listen to the signals from your heart. Go
toward the light whatever its source. Do it. Do it now.
10. And then we can all go to the lake together, like we used to.

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About the Author

Julie HartOriginally from Minnesota, Julie Hart has lived in London, Zurich, and Tokyo, and now in Brooklyn Heights. Her work can be found in Five Quarterly, Denim Skin, PANK magazine, The Rumpus and forthcoming in Floor Plan Journal.

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