Sunday Stories: “Chloe in Brooklyn”

Chloe finds a third-floor walk-up in a brownstone in Brooklyn Heights, a block and a half from where Truman Capote wrote Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Not easily, or without soaring hopes followed by crushing depths, but she finds it in only five days on the New York City realty roulette wheel. Like all good fortune, it is largely undeserved. She has traded in floor space for centrality, kitchen facilities for convenience to her husband’s job. She is not sorry. Her husband and son see it only after she has secured it, and they give it two thumbs up. The price is New York reasonable, which means it is ridiculously high for what it is by Midwestern standards. But how she longs to finally slip out of those handcuffs. She pays people to lug books up three flights of stairs. She arranges the subset of their goods she has brought to New York. Her husband goes to work, a mere five minute walk from Willow Street. Her son starts college…

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About the Author

Julie HartOriginally from Minnesota, Julie Hart has lived in London, Zurich, and Tokyo, and now in Brooklyn Heights. Her work can be found in Five Quarterly, Denim Skin, PANK magazine, The Rumpus and forthcoming in Floor Plan Journal.

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