Visit the links below to read poetry and prose by Julie Hart.


Advice for Tiffany, Anti-Heroin Chic

My Mother is a Tardigrade, Anti-Heroin Chic

Titles without Poems: A Portmanteau, Anti-Heroin Chic

Paean to Tim Riggins,

Prelude to the Afternoon of the Spawn, Yellow Chair Review

Resting Bitchface, Blue Lyra Review

Sensory Deprivation, Beautiful Losers

What I Bought Her, Floor Plan Journal

Different Thread Count, Floor Plan Journal

Watching Ants, Floor Plan Journal

Memento Mori, Juniper

Woman Awake at 3 AM, Noble/Gas Quarterly

Falling in the Presence of Ants, Rogue Agent

Ambedo on Broadway, Chelsea News and Our Town

Arse Poetica, Thimble Literary Magazine


Because of your fatal addiction to art: A Conversation with Chelsea Hodson, Pank

Chloe in Brooklyn, Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Why Jeannie Drank, A Colloquium, The Rumpus

Tommy Pico’s Tattoos: A Tour, Pank

For Sale by Owner, Five Quarterly